Educational Journeys to Normandy

Summer At Le Clos


Summer Butterflies - the Peacock (Paons de jour)

It’s been a spectacular butterfly summer at Le Clos. Walking down beside the long border on a sunny day at noon you disturb clouds of them – quite literally, they fly all round you! They’ve also loved the lavender in the Mediterranean garden.

Our most frequent visitor by far has been the Painted Lady (Belle-dame, en français! – learning the French names has been half the fun); there have been dozens of them at times, four or five on a single buddleia or lavender. We’ve also had lots of Peacocks (Paons de jour), Red Admirals (Vulcains), Meadow Browns (Myrtils), Gatekeepers (Amaryllis), Wall Browns (Mégères), Small Tortoiseshells (Petites tortues) and Whites large and small (Piérides du chou et de la rave). More rarely spotted have been the Clouded Yellow (Souci), Orange Tip (Aurore), Marbled White (Demi-deuil) an unidentified Blue (!) and a Swallowtail (Machaon).

All so beautiful, elusive and ephemeral – very hard to photograph, but it’s irresistable to try! Hope they’ll be back in even greater numbers next year…

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