Educational Journeys to Normandy

D Day and the Battle of Normandy 70 Years on


70th-bThe photo  on top was taken at Arromanches on 6th June, 70 years to the day after D Day.

The second photo was taken at Port-en-Bessin on the 7th June,  commemorating the battle to take this important port. 11 veterans from 47 Royal Marine took part, and one is pictured here remembering the heroic role of the 47 Commando, and, particularly of Captain Cousins, who lost his life in the capture of the port.

It’s been a momentous year for Normandy, and the impact of the 70th anniversay of D Day and the Battle of Normandy which followed,  resonates more loudly than ever. Paradoxically, while the number of veterans alive as witnesses to events so long ago continues to decline, interest in what happened has never been higher. The 70th anniversary was a significantly bigger event than the 60th, which in turn had been much bigger than the 50th. Perhaps this is partly explained by the knowledge that the participants in these events will not be with us forever, so there is a desire to mark the memory of their contribution while they are still with us.


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