Educational Journeys to Normandy

Commemorating D Day in Normandy







The 6th June 2013 was the 69th anniversary of the D Day landings in Normandy. Our village, Commes, played host to a group of veterans from 47 Royal Marine Commando who were guests of honour at a reception held at the Chateau du Bosq on the 5th. These commandos had played the decisive role in the capture of the key local town of Port-en-Bessin immediately after D Day, sustaining great losses in the process.

Also invited were pupils from Warminster School who were staying at Le Clos as part of an LFIF visit. The boys and girls, who had been finding out all about D Day, had lots of questions for the veterans, the youngest of whom was 88. Yet, despite their age, all the questions were answered patiently and clearly and everyone involved in the day felt privileged to have the chance to listen to and learn from those who took part in a truly historic episode of the twentieth century.

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